Save SMCTV! Urge the Board of Supervisors to support the local public access station!

To the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors:

We urge you to support to Santa Maria Community Television.

SMCTV provides a studio and a public access channel as well as other resources not only to residents of the City of Santa Maria, but also to members of the unincorporated areas of northern Santa Barbara County.

The City of Santa Maria uses its Public, Educational and Governmental Access (PEG) funds to support the station. It is facing a shortfall now that the funding formula has changed.

Although the County receives PEG funds from Comcast subscribers in the unincorporated areas of the North County, the County does not provide a public studio, nor a public channel for the residents in the unincorporated areas of the county. PEG funds can only be used for public, educational and governmental access costs. You only use your PEG funds for governmental access. You could use them for public access as well. Your constituents deserve the same access to a studio and a cable channel as the residents in the city.

Please contribute a substantial portion of the PEG funds you receive from Comcast subscribers in the North County to better serve your constituents and to help make sure this valuable resource will continue into the future.

Thank you.

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