Open Streets event to promote safe streets (and have fun) on Saturday

Santa Barbara County Action Network invites you to attend the Open Streets event in Santa Barbara in Saturday, Oct. 25 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. as a way to not only have fun, but to make our streets safer. If you live in north county, we especially hope you will go to get ideas on how we can make our streets safer in the communities where too many people are being hit by cars.

Please see the information below, and if you are interested in helping up to make safer streets in north county, we are bringing people together now to talk about how to proceed. Please let us know if you'd like to be part of the effort.

Here's an email from the organizers of the event:

SB Open Streets

Run Wild 5K & Zoo Run

Saturday, Oct. 25





What: 5K Run ($30), Fundraiser & Animal Costume Party, 1K Kids RUN (FREE)
Who: All of Santa Barbara
Where: On the Open Streets Route of Cabrillo Blvd. and a loop through the Santa Barbara Zoo. The race starts at the intersection of Cabrillo & Corona Del Mar (near East Beach Grill) If you are driving, park at the lot at the intersection of Corona Del Mar and Cabrillo.
Why: Running, Animal Costume Party, Fundraising for Your Open Streets Event. Fun for the Family and discounted admission passes to the Zoo.
Race T-shirt, and after Party
Race is professionally timed. 
Register today at this link:
Second Annual Santa Barbara Open Streets –
Saturday, Oct. 25th
Enjoy 2.2 miles of Cabrillo Blvd.
from Anacapa St. to Los Patos Way
On Saturday October 25th from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Cabrillo Blvd. will once again become Santa Barbara's longest public park for a day - closed to cars and open for people-powered fun! Last November thousands of participants enjoyed the streets in ways they usually can't, without cars, fumes or traffic – and the overwhelming response was, "We want more!" Due to the success from 2013, the City of Santa Barbara approved the event permit for the second annual Santa Barbara Open Streets and sees the potential for an annual event. More biking, skateboarding, scooting, strolling, dancing, fitness, moving and shaking... traffic free!
In recent years Open Streets initiatives have spread across the globe with more than two hundred similar events worldwide and over a hundred of those in the United States. The idea for Open Streets and similar events started in Bogotá, Colombia, where they have been hosting a Ciclovía for over 30 years. Even our neighbors in car-centric L.A. started their own CicLAvia four years ago.

The goal of Open Streets is to promote public health, physical fitness and community by transforming streets to a public park for a day. The Santa Barbara Open Streets event is coordinated by COAST with event consulting by Global Good Impact and marketing assistance from Traffic Solutions. Robin Elander, the event coordinator, explains how magical the event was last year. “There were so many smiles from people of all walks of life enjoying what is normally a busy street, but for a day is so much more. People are used to streets being closed down for events, but for the first time it was open for anyone to get active and play in.” Robin recommends that you come to the event with your bike so you can easily access the many free activities stretched along the two miles. Enjoy dance classes, bootcamps, yoga, music, art, a skate park, street games and so much more for free and for all ages! This year the route will also include healthy food vendors coordinated by SOL Food and Cultivate Events and a 5K run at 10:30 a.m. The animal costumed themed Run Wild 5K and Zoo Run goes through the Santa Barbra Zoo and along Cabrillo Blvd. The $30 registration fee supports the SB Open Streets effort. 
Show your support for SB Open Streets by volunteering at or join ourcrowd-sourced fundraising campaign at

Check out a video montage of the 2013 SB Open Streets event at Learn more at

Here's an email from a sponsor of the event:

Celebrate driving less. Join CEC for the second annual SB Open Streets on Saturday, October 25.
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© Matt Perko

This Saturday, Santa Barbara Open Streets takes over 2.2 miles of Cabrillo Boulevard, transforming it into a paved park for art, music, fitness and cultural activities. In honor of this car-free celebration, we take a look at inspiring profiles of members in our community who #DriveLess, reducing their impact on our planet.

Eva Inbar. Photo courtesy of Eva Inbar

Meet Eva.

Eva and her husband have been avid cyclists for decades, and they don’t have plans to quit anytime soon. No matter that they are in their late 60s.Read more >

Wolfe Lyons family   © Andrew Hill

Meet the Wolfe Lyons.

As an intentional one-car family, all of the Wolfe Lyons—Mindy, Graham, and daughters Phoebe and Harper—prefer biking to driving.  Read more >

Kent Epperson. Photo courtesy of COAST

Meet Kent.

When Kent moved to Ojai, more than 30 miles away from his job, he did what any sustainable transportation advocate would do--he created a carpool community. Read more >

Beezhan Tulu    © Matt Perko

Meet Beezhan.

Beezhan, a local filmmaker, purposefully does not own a car, and his foldable Day-Glo bike is his sole means of transportation. Read more >

SB Open Streets  ©Matt Perko

CEC is a sponsor SB Open Streets. Join us this Saturday, October 25 on the 7-person big orange conference bike with local elected officials, leaving from the CEC booth across from Chase Palm Park.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

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