Protect Prime Agricultural Farm Land in Lompoc

Please see this important message from our partners at the Environmental Defense Center, who is representing SBCAN on this issue. Also, the staff report was recently posted and staff recommends that LAFCO postpone the issue until the February meeting. Please let LAFCO know you support the staff's recommendation. 

The City of Lompoc is attempting to expand its Sphere of Influence (SOI) to include 137 acres of prime farmland adjacent to Bailey Avenue, a first step in paving the way for future development. In the past, EDC on behalf of Santa Barbara County Action Network (SBCAN), along with agricultural partners, successfully opposed development along Bailey Avenue that would have transformed a 270-acre piece of prime agricultural land into an urbanized development consisting of nearly 2,700 homes. Today, prime farmland along Bailey Avenue is again under threat as a result of the City’s Application to expand its urban Sphere of Influence. EDC and SBCAN need your help today to protect this prime farmland in Lompoc. 
The Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) is scheduled to hold a hearing to make a decision on the City’s application on December 8th. Unfortunately, the public notice sent on November 29th included nearly 2,000 pages of relevant information that EDC, our clients, and the public need to review in order to provide comments. Please join us today in urging LAFCO to postpone this decision until its February 2, 2023 meeting in order to provide the public with a meaningful opportunity to participate in the process. Additionally, if LAFCO does proceed with the hearing, demand that it denies the City’s proposal and prevents the conversion of important agricultural lands.
Please email your comment before 5 p.m. on December 7th to the Commission Analyst/Clerk at: [email protected]. The hearing will be held in Santa Maria at 1PM on December 8th with remote participation available.
Thank you for lending your voice on this important issue.
Maggie Hall
Senior Attorney