SBCAN: Support Rent Stabilization in SB & SM on Tues., Dec. 7

On Tuesday, Dec. 7:

  • The Santa Barbara City Council will be discussing a Rent Stabilization Ordinance.
  • Community members will also be calling on the Santa Maria City Council to adopt a Rent Stabilization Ordinance for mobile home parks.

Please lend your support through written or verbal public comment to protect renters, families, and essential workers and keep them in our community. 



Tell the Santa Barbara City Council to protect tenants from skyrocketing rents that are displacing our community with a rent stabilization ordinance. 

With so many in our community already on the edge of losing their homes as we continue to recover from an ongoing global pandemic, the Santa Barbara City Council must  act now for housing security in our community. 

Support a Rent Stabilization Ordinance that:

  • Caps rent increases at no more than 2% per year. 

California’s rent gouging law was never strong enough, and we’ve seen many landlords raise rents up to the statewide cap of 9% this year. That's a $180 increase on a $2,000 apartment, more than enough to push a family out of their home. We need a local ordinance that is stronger and permanent to protect our renter community long term.

  • We need a Rent Registry to oversee the implementation of the law against excessive rent increases

In order to prevent the mass displacement of our renter community, we need to ensure that rent stabilization is enforced and our renter community has the power to protect themselves through a fair process. 

How to Take Action: 

Email Santa Barbara City Council and ask them to “cap the rent at 2 percent” before Dec. 7 at 2 pm:

[email protected]

Register for the Santa Barbara City Council Meeting on Zoom to give public comment on Dec. 7:

Zoom registration link here. It will be item 22.

Sign up here to get a text message when public comment is about to start! 



Also happening this Tuesday is a community effort to get the City of Santa Maria to agendize the issue of a Rent Stabilization Ordinance for mobile home residents. 

The Santa Maria City Council has rejected repeated pleas to place a discussion of a Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) for mobile home residents on the agenda.

A Rent Stabilization Ordinance will preserve affordable space rents in the City, enable mobile home owners to keep the equity in their homes, and protect mobile home owners from predatory park owners in the future. There is no justifiable reason why Santa Maria can’t do the same!

Join us in the City Council Chambers with PRO-RSO Santa Maria residents.

Meet at City Hall at 5:15 pm on Tuesday, Dec. 7
(110 E. Cook Street, Santa Maria)

Or send an email before 3 pm on Tuesday to: [email protected]

North Santa Barbara Manufactured Homeowners Team leadership will formally ask the Council AGAIN to place the Rent Stabilization Ordinance on the agenda.