Support Renters Rights in SB Tuesday at 5:30 pm

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Support Renters Rights
RALLY at 5:30 p.m. in front of City Hall at De La Guerra Plaza


Message from Rental Housing Round Table:

Wear BLUE to show support for renters' rights!

Join us to stand up for renters' rights as the Santa Barbara City Council debates what to do about our housing crisis. The council will be discussing different options including eviction protections, health/safety inspections, rent stabilization, relocation assistance, and more.  

Show our people power as renters and demand the strongest possible action from our city leaders to stop the rising evictions and rents across Santa Barbara and the displacement of our working-class immigrant families and neighborhoods! Renters' rights now!

Ban unfair evictions! Over 200 “no cause” evictions every year in Santa Barbara need to end. No family should be kicked out of their home for no reason other than landlord greed.

Relocation assistance for ALL “no fault” evictions. When families are evicted for the owner to move in or to demolish the building, the landlord must pay relocation assistance so they don’t end up homeless.

Ban evictions during the school year of families with children in SBUSD! Over 2,000 children in our school district don’t have stable homes and are living in shelters, living rooms, motels and cars.  

Make slumlords repair their buildings. Start a rental inspection program to ensure safe and healthy living conditions.

If a tenant wants a long-term lease they shouldn’t be forced to go month-to-month. The possibility of a rent hike or eviction every month means instability and stress for tenants.  

Over the past decade, rent has gone up 30% while incomes have gone up only 1%. Rent for a two bedroom apartment is now 47% of an average Santa Barbara household's income. We need rent stabilization to stop unlimited rent increases!

P.S. This topic (and others) will be discussed at SBCAN's South County Roundtable tomorrow (Friday, March 17) between noon and 1:30 p.m. at Union Bank's Community Room, 15 East Carrillo St, Santa Barbara. Join us!


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