Thank you for coming to NC "Looking Forward" Awards Dinner & Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who came to our 2018 North County “Looking Forward” Awards Dinner & Fundraiser held Sunday, June 3 at  the Radisson Hotel in Santa Maria.

We especially thank our sponsors, entertainers, volunteers, honorees and all of you who brought your loving sentiments to celebrate with us. 

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We've posted event photos on Facebook. Click here to see them:

There is also an article in the Santa Maria Times:

We'd appreciate your feedback. Tell us what you liked about the event. Tell us what we might do differently next time. Email us at [email protected].

Thanks again. We hope to see you soon!

Ken Hough, Executive Director

Jeanne Sparks, Associate Director


Six individuals received awards from Santa Barbara County Action Network during its awards dinner on Sunday. From left to right, they are Ines Ruiz, Virginia Souza, Elsa Velasco, Pati Cantú, Herb Kandel and Steve Heuring.


From left to right, Nai-Yun Chang, Gerrit Sperling, Will Sperling and Quentin Karamitsos perform “Wagon Wheel” for Virginia Souza as she received the “Looking Forward” Award from Santa Barbara County Action Network during its awards dinner on June 3.