You're invited to SBCAN's Roundtables on Thursday in SM and Friday in SB

We hope you'll join us Thursday in Santa Maria or Friday in Santa Barbara to discuss several important issues:

SBCAN North County Roundtable/North County Coalition Environmental Committee

Thursday, May 11, 2017, 6 PM

Cornerstone Community Room, Santa Maria, CA


  1. Call to Order by Janet Blevins; Introductions; Agenda Review (5 min.)
  2. Review of Santa Maria Valley Environmental Issues. The environmental committee of the Santa Maria Valley Progressives has developed a list of issues and aspects of the issues. We will review the issues with an eye toward giving input to that committee and also toward suggesting priority issues that SBCAN should address. (40 min.)
  3. Rancho La Laguna. This mid-county proposal to subdivide a 4,000-acre ranch into 13 lots for luxury estates was conceptually denied by the County Planning Commission last month. The Commission will consider findings for denial on May 31.  (10 min.)
  4. Open discussion about other items of interest. All (10 min.)
  5. Suggestions for next month’s agenda (May 11).  (5 min.) 

SBCAN South County Roundtable

Friday, May 12, 2017, Noon

Union Bank’s Community Room, 15 East Carrillo St., Santa Barbara


(Times are rough estimates)

  1. Call to Order. Introductions; Agenda Review (5 min.)
  2. Brief updates from participants. (2 to 5 min. each)
  3. Healthy California Act. Longtime SBCAN members Paulina and Peter Conn will brief us on this proposal for a single-payer system for California. Advocates are seeking support to help S.B. 562 clear the Senate so the Assembly will be able to consider the matter in 2018. (20 min.)
  4. Initial Discussion on Artificial Reefs. As old oil platforms are abandoned in coming years, shall they be dismantled completely, or left in part to serve as artificial reefs? There is a state bill that might encourage this, but also opposition related to liability the State of California might take on if the State takes ownership of partially dismantled oil platforms. The current question for SBCAN is whether to engage in the issue. People representing the pros and cons of the issue could be invited to future meetings.  (10 min.)
  5. Open discussion about other items of interest. (10 min.)
  6. Next meeting.  Our next meeting is scheduled for June 9.