Call for stronger relocation assistance in SB at 11 a.m. Tues

SBCAN has been discussing this issue at recent South County Roundtables and Board meetings, and we encourage you to act on this call to action from CAUSE:

Hello all, 

Tell the Santa Barbara Ordinance Committee this Tuesday, October 20th at 11am that their proposed Relocation Assistance for No-Fault Evictions would give Santa Barbara renters much weaker protections than other cities!

The Santa Barbara Ordinance Committee’s current proposal is only 1.5X months rent, which would be on average $2,310 for a studio and up to $5,887.50 for a three bedroom or larger. This is far below other cities across the state.
Join us in asking for 4X months rent for the relocation amount, and 5X months rent for vulnerable populations, which would average $6,160 for a Studio and up to $15,787.50 for a three bedroom or larger. Vulnerable populations like seniors, low-income families, and people with disabilities should receive additional assistance like in other cities.
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Webinar link for Ordinance Committee at:
Frank Rodriguez
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