SBCAN NC VP Jerry Connor is in the hospital with terminal cancer

It is with great sorrow that we tell you that our good friend and SBCAN's North County Vice President Jerry Connor was admitted to Marian Medical Center in Santa Maria on Thursday. He suffers from angioblastoma, blood vessel tumors in the brain. His condition is terminal. We visited him in room 413 tonight. He can be seen by visitors, but did not open his eyes at all on Sunday. How much awareness and time he has is uncertain.

Jerry's wife Doris said she is grateful to all Jerry's friends and colleagues who have appreciated him and his skills as he has been involved with SBCAN and other organizations.
We think of Jerry as a man with a tremendous intellect and a big heart. We loved hearing his stories, especially how he met Doris. He was always cheerful and upbeat. We will miss him.

With warmest regards,

Ken Hough and Jeanne Sparks
SBCAN Executive Director and Associate Director