SBCAN Roundtables: South is Friday, North is next month

The North County Roundtable, which would have been this Thursday, is cancelled.

Next month, we plan to have guest speakers on the subject of Community Choice Energy. The County and the cities of Carpinteria, Santa Barbara and Goleta have all taken actions to move ahead with forming an organization to bring local control and cleaner supplies to meet our electricity needs. It's time to get North County jurisdictions interested and on board. It's going to take a lot of advocacy, like it did in South County. 

We will get back to you on the new date for the meeting.

Here is the agenda for Friday's South County Roundtable. We hope to have a good turnout for these discussions of important housing and immigration issues.

SBCAN South County Roundtable

Friday, September 14, 2018, Noon to 1:30

Union Bank’s Board Room, 15 East Carrillo St., Santa Barbara, CA


 (times are approximate, and feel free to bring your lunch)

  1. Call to Order by Chair and SBCAN Co-President Dick Flacks.Introductions; Agenda Review (5 min.)
  2. Proposition 10 and Rent Control. Proposition 10 would repeal the Costa Hawkins Act, which limits localities' capacity to regulate rents. Repeal would give localities the opportunity, now denied, to institute or expand rent regulation. Prop. 10 doesn’t itself create rent control, but discussing and understanding the debates and the models for local rent control is the intent of this primary topic at this meeting. Professor Rich Appelbaum of UCSB will be on hand—he was one of the leading academic analysts of the rent control debate back in the '80s and can help us decode the arguments. (40 min.)
  3. Average Unit Density. The City of Santa Barbara’s Planning Commission is meeting on September 13 to begin discussion about revising the AUD program. We will get a report on the status of that. (10 min.)
  4. Immigration Advocacy Collaboration. Jacqueline Inda is seeking support for resolutions supporting the migrant community. (10 min.)
  5. Mobile Homeowners Project. Sharon Rose will report on the success achieved in the state legislature this year. (5 min.)
  6. Brief updates from participants. (2 to 5 min. each)
  7. Open discussion about other items of interest. All (5 min.)
  8. Next meeting. Our next meeting is scheduled for October 12.