SBCAN SC Roundtable Fri, Oct 20 at noon - join us!

SBCAN South County Roundtable

Friday, October 20, 2017, Noon

Union Bank’s Back Patio, 15 East Carrillo St., Santa Barbara, CA


(times are approximate)

  1. Call to Order by Chair Dick Flacks. Introductions; Agenda Review (5 min.)
  2. Reflections on City of Santa Barbara Election. Dick Flacks will lead a discussion about the politics and policy issues in play with this upcoming municipal election. Issues include how to revive retail on State Street, whether to approve a sales tax to better maintain infrastructure, and more. (30 min.)
  3. Status of Average Unit Density and Tenants Rights in the City of Santa Barbara. Frank Rodriguez of CAUSE and Mickey Flacks will lead a discussion of these issues. (15 min.)
  4. “Soul of the City:” John Klein will brief us on the short film he is producing, which is both a tribute to an unsung Latino leader and role model in Santa Barbara, Francisco Aguilera, and a reminder to the community of the fragility of the public land known as East Beach. 
  5. Brief updates from participants. (2 to 5 min. each)
  6. Next meeting. Our next meeting is scheduled for November 10.