Support Grocery Workers!

Here is an important message from SBCAN's South County Co-President:

Dear Friends:

Right now 60,000 grocery workers at Ralphs and Vons/Albertsons from Mammoth to the Mexican Border are without a contract. The struggle is very real as workers fight for better wages, access to hours, protection of benefits, and community supported stores.

Workers have just voted to authorize negotiators to call a strike if necessary. To learn more, check out:

Each of us can make significant contribution to helping them. Next Tuesday—July 2—there will be rally at Ralph’s in downtown Santa Barbara. I hope you’ll join us there—and spread the word! And of course let’s pledge not to cross the picket lines if a strike becomes necessary.

Check out the food fight website. See the attached flyers. Stand with grocery workers at Ralph’s at 100 W. Carrillo St. in Santa Barbara at 2 p.m. on July 2!


Dick Flacks