Support Santa Maria firefighters on February 20, 2024

Here's a message from an ally. We urge you to support Santa Maria firefighters:

Hello friends and allies,

I am following up my last email about the ongoing labor dispute in Santa Maria.
Although SEIU local 620 reached an agreement with the city of Santa Maria, the Santa Maria Firefighters Local 2020 and the city of Santa Maria are far apart on reaching a fair deal. 
On Tuesday, February 20th at 4pm the firefighters will be on the picket line at the Santa Maria City Council. 
The Santa Maria Firefighters Local 2020 needs your support on February 20th when the city council meets to put pressure on council members to give the firefighters a fair deal. 
The firefighters are having a difficult time retaining new recruits as they are paid 14 percent less than other nearby cities. The city has the funding to pay firefighters a fair wage through Measure U but refuses to do so. 
Join us on the picket line to stand in solidarity with your Santa Maria Firefighters. 
When: Tuesday February 20th at 4pm 
Where: Santa Maria City Council, 110 E Cook St
Why: For a fair and equitable contract for SM firefighters
Leonardo Decasaus, Mobilization Coordinator
Central Coast Labor Council 
402 South Miller Street, Santa Maria, CA, 93454